Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Life & My prayers

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, with getting my craft room organized and sitting watching TV with Bob. Oh yeah and the dogs. I'm normally a positive person and don't usually complain. I accept everyone faults and all, trying to find the good in everyone. No I haven’t' always been like that. I've learned a lot through life and from the kindness of my friend Helen, Bob& my family. Well Bob lost he’s job as Warehouse Distribution Manger for a big furniture in Houston around Nov 2008. He was doing well nothing like 75thousand a year, but at least 50. He worked for the company for 15years and they eventually sold the business after they made huge cuts. Because Times are hard he’s taken any job that has been offered to him, because there’s nothing out there!! He worked manually labor on Centennials tar Mack unloading planes and loading plus other back braking work. After working there 6months they laid off. Four hard months later he’s landed another job as a manager in training. … I know he was getting tired of staying home and frustrated every job interview said he was over qualified! In today’s job market a lot of people have to re adjust. I pray and hope things will get better.With the car accident I had a week before Christmas hasn’t helped matters! I went to the car dealer yesterday and I don’t make enough to qualify for a used car!! Bumming rides to get to work can only go on for so long. I’m not giving up. I’ll try another dealer and start looking for something a lot cheaper. God give me strength! Send me your prayers my fellow crafting people.


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